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  • Elizabeth Jones

Three Ways to Handle Past Poor Purchases

We have all been there. Impulsively buying clothing because it is on sale or because we felt like we had to leave the store with something. But then it just sits there in your closet with the tag attached until that “right time” happens.

We hang on to the poor purchase in case we lose 10 pounds because maybe it will fit better or maybe you are holding on to it because eventually you can figure something out to do with it.

What is the reality though? It is time to say goodbye so that you can TRULY fall In with your closet and it becomes easier to uncover your personal style.

Accept it

If you have been loving Netflix over winter break you may have stumbled upon the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She also wrote a book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” and there are some beneficial tips we can take from her advice

  • Admit it. Admit that it isn’t the best fit for your closet.

  • Say “Thank you. Every time you are saying goodbye to a piece don’t be so hard on yourself. Say thank you for the moments or experiences it gave you – even if it was just a happy shopping day to reminisce or a learning experience.

  • Rid. If it isn’t bringing you joy it is time to rid of it.

Make some money

If you are wanting to make some extra cash on those sad pieces of clothing just starting at you from your closet the list of retailers below can be the perfect place. Have pieces from clothing brands that may be high in demand? These are a few popular sites to resell your pieces.

  • ThredUP

  • Tradesy

  • Poshmark

  • The RealReal

Donate it

Getting rid of pieces that don’t bring you joy anymore can bring a lot of happiness to someone else AND also helps you get rid of clutter all while making you feel good about the process!

When it comes to donating there are different options here too.

  • Donate them to a charity or goodwill

  • Donate them to people looking for specific items. Facebook groups can be a great resource for this.

  • Donate them to friends and family. Maybe you have someone right in your own circle who could greatly appreciate the pieces.

Our closet space is sacred to many of us. Try to let go and move on (and maybe even make a few dollars) because I promise you, once you do, you will be ready to fill the space with fewer things that really make a difference.

Whether you are stuck in the process of ridding your closet or you've completed this step and are ready for the next, let's work together in creating a space that brings joy and is easy to navigate.

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