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How to Cure Holiday Season Overwhelm

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

The holiday time is one of extreme highs and sinking lows. Please, don’t let the world of dress code holiday parties, booked babysitters, and a house full of in-laws get your tinsel tangled. Here are three immediately effective stress and financial savers to use this season.

Reuse a dress

Invest in a staple dress like black or navy that you can reuse and wear to multiple parties. For each event change up the layers and/or accessories. Add a velvet or sequin blazer or maybe a faux fur or teddy coat. 

Statement accessories work just as well. Festive jewelry, shoes, handbags all do the job and end up being completely picture worthy. These pieces don’t need to  cost a lot either. Check out retailers such as Zara, ASOS, Target etc.

Give new inspiration to pieces you already have in your closet 

We often feel like we have to go get something new for every holiday party. This adds more to our to-do list and can create major overwhelm when we are in the fitting rooms.

Shop your own closet and remix or update pieces you have already to be set for the party! Look for every red, green, sequin or velvet thing you own and once you have the pieces in mind start looking for inspiration and focus on styling them.

Consider the 4 gift rule when shopping for the kiddos or other people on your list.

We can get so caught up with feeling like we need to “fill the empty space” under the tree or fill our carts with another “impulse” buy that sometimes gift giving gets to be so overwhelming that what we are buying may even lose meaning which defeats the purpose. Following this four gift rule will motivate you to stay on track for more purposeful gifts. 

The perfect combination of gifts should include:

  • Something they want

  • Something they need

  • Something to wear

  • Something to read

My gift to you this season is the gift of style resource and knowledge, which I hope will take your stress level down, at least one notch. If I can help you achieve taking a deep breath for even one single minute, these style news deliveries are worth the time.

If you still need to grab a few quick (like 48 hour shipping quick) easy gift ideas, check out my linked momprenuer, teachers, and gift exchange gift guides.

Also, in case you need holiday style inspiration, take a peek at my three minute holiday looks features on PA! Live.

And finally, I am here for your styling needs - virtual or in person - so please reach out here and let me know how I can assist you on your style journey.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I will see you in the New Year!

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