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Ahhh yes, spring will soon be in the air and I know we all probably couldn’t be happier.

With a new season comes an editing process and this season is just a bit famous – SPRING CLEANING. So what are some things you can be do to get your closet ready for this much welcomed season?

Store Your Winter Clothes

In a perfect world we would be able to take everything for Spring out and pack everything from winter away. Sometimes this isn’t the case when it comes to our weather. The start of spring is generally pretty cold, so if you aren’t going to switch out your entire wardrobe, keep your heavier pieces towards the back and your warm weather pieces together in the front of your closet. Make sure to properly store your winter pieces away and start to get rid of pieces that maybe you didn’t wear this season. General rule of thumb is that if you haven't worn something in the past year, chance are you won't next year.

Simply Eliminate

Once you start unpacking your spring stuff start looking at the pieces. Check for pieces that may look old or may not be in the best shape. Do all the pieces still fit you? Create 4 piles – Keep, donate, get rid of and alter.

Have two minutes? Watch my under two minute 'Closet Sort' How-to video.

If you are anything like me, you may be having a hard time letting go of old clothes. Skim my words regarding dealing with poor past purchases. I promise it will give you hope for the future!

Toss your wire hangers

Make sure that all of your clothing is on good quality hangers. All those dry cleaner wire hangers actually ruin clothing. They are only meant for a short time period so if you want the most longevity out your clothing, switch to proper hangers.

Get my exact hangers (and other closet organization musts right here.


The key to having a good closet and wardrobe foundation is to be organized. Taking care of your garments and being able to see what your options are will make getting ready every day that much easier. No one likes not being able to find pieces or know that they need to “make the time to redo their closets”. Anticipation for the spring season is the perfect time to get in and start doing your closet. I like to keep my dresses with dresses, jackets with jackets etc.

Create a Spring Wish List

Stores like to pack their racks and walls with spring clothes early on so it is only normal to want to buy everything, BUT, it is crucial to do all the other steps before you get to the fun part – the wish list! Now you will be able to see what you need and not just what you want.

Need some ideas? Be inspired by my recent style segment reporting on top trends of 2019.

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